Our region of Portugal is rich in natural beauty. Surrounded by the Montesinho Natural Park you have at your doorstep some of the least developed and unspoilt areas in Europe with a huge amount of bio-diversity so whether you want to walk, cycle or just explore the region, there is a huge amount to enjoy.
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The mountains around França vary in altitude from 3000ft in the valleys to nearly 5000ft on the upland moors above Montesinho. Walks in the valleys will take in the rich woodlands that contain centuries old oak and chestnut interspersed with pine, ash, cherry and many other native species. Hiking along the old mountain paths that formally linked the villages provides breathtaking views across the region as well as an opportunity to sample the unique atmosphere of each of the villages.
'The English Bridge' across the River Sabor
On a walk in Spain
An allotment in the hills above França
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